11 January 2010


Before I return to my regular undisturbed much more anonymous and non-media rich blogging corner of the world (so as not to dilute this site from being what I intended, projects and food and nice looking things and such) I'll submit 5 things that bothered me or made me nervous in the last 5 minutes:

1. The Hardee's ad where (I have commercials on mute always so I'm gathering there is audio but I don't know it) a dude eats a big old burger and smirks while they clean "Cheater" off his car. Wha?

2. The movie trailer for "Leap Year" which although I like Amy Adams, also makes me go wha? Because in 2010 it's so flipping radical for a woman to PROPOSE? Or make a life decision together, you know, like you'll be doing for the rest of your life? As one who did the proposing, you know AFTER we had discussed the idea, this premise is completely insulting. Please don't get me started about hating the whole proposal deal in the first place, most especially the Bended Knee or when women pick the ring out and the just wait for the man to choose the moment to "surprise" them. You may not feel the same way and if so, I salute you, because then you won't be as infuriated quite as often.

3. My landlord just stopped by. To pick up the rent. On the 11th. After we had to e-mail her last week to ask when she would be by and she said Saturday. She never came all weekend and then dropped by without notice tonight as I was on the phone with my sister and I said "oh the rents on the mailbox, excuse me, I'm on the phone" and she kept talking and acting annoyed. She will not provide us with a mailbox to mail the damn thing to her, I think because she doesn't want us to know where she live. As HUD is my witness, I shall never rent from an individual again, ever. It is all property management companies from here on in. You'd have to be crazy to be a landlord - and 90% of them are.

4. I have to go bowl tonight in the league which I usually miss because of homework and babytime but tonight the pressure is on me to win one for the team and I'm petrified. I love to bowl but just realised I totally don't want to bowl in active competition where you let people other than yourself down. Yipes. 

5. I also have to drive to the airport tonight - on a highway in the dark, which is something I truly did not think I would be doing. But it's for all the right reasons - AH and Simone come home tonight! I can't wait to squeeze that kid - but about 5 minutes after that touching reunion, I'm sure there will be some serious parenting to do and I will think longingly about the last 4 days. I'm not going to lie, it was awesome. 

Okay back to my regular anono-corner of the internet. 

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Marigoldie said...

I love it when you blog and I love being able to comment!

Oh my god, I hate the bended knee proposal more than damn near anything, to the point that if a guy did that to me I would stomp out of the room. It is so demeaning -- to me -- in this day and age. And I want someone to want to marry me, I really do. I just don't want it to go down like that. See also, hockey scoreboard. Or any sort of surprise. It has to be mutual. Has to. Of course I don't want to dump on people who still dig the old skoolness of it. You're right -- they have the gift of being less annoyed by it.

Never saw that ad but it says it all, doesn't it? Be a bastard, celebrate with meat.