13 October 2010

Back in the Thrift Saddle Again

There are many many reasons that I'm pleased to be back in the PNW, but one I am surprised to discover is the thrift shopping. I thought my corner of the south would be full of un-emptied closets and mid-century attics and petticoat dresses - but I never really found that North Carolina Nirvana. In contrast, I offer you the busy branch of a chain of second-hand stores in my hipster neighborhood in Seattle - which you would think would spell Thrift Disaster. Instead I keep trying to find excuses to swing by. Finds so far include bright orange rain boots, a ton of amazing kid shoes and clothes, kitchen chairs, blankets, pillows and this awesome knitting book, Wild Knitting:

This is the Forget Me Not knitted bikini. Indeed, memorable.

This is the Winged Traveler - dreamy.

Knitted lingerie.

A vegan armadillo wrap.

I wish I had my scanner unpacked so I could show you pictures of the knit cigarette case, the striped clown jumpers, ties shaped like cacti and pen nibs, and pill box hats.