17 October 2009

Clearly Canadian

A snap in the air makes me productive. And then my winter CSA started.  And then we picked 30 pounds of apples. 

So on Thursday, I made: 

Maple Apple Butter

Fresh pesto (from the fistfuls of Basil in our CSA) which I put on some sweet potato gnocchi that was very very easy to make - sweet potato puree, salt, pepper, and enough flour to make a dough. Boil in salted water, the end. . So - amazingly - good - even our kid was eating ecstatically. I may have even splashed some brown butter over the whole thing, because mmmm - brown butter.

Other recent highlights: gingerbread cake, apple crisp, warm lentil salads with sauteed greens and poached eggs , sweet potato and curried cauliflower soup, pumpkin spice granola and cups of milky Stash Chai Spice tea. I was born in the Northern-Most capital city in North America and I don't feel right until the wind is making my blood move, I'm layering my woolens and curling up under a blanket after a nice meal. And possibly knitting when I really should be doing homework.
Gratuitously, here is a picture of my kid, picking pumpkins. I of course was not present, as a woman has to work to pay for that Winter CSA and the 30 pounds of apples. But it looked like fun.