08 January 2010

All the Single Ladies

There will be no pictures in this post, because the camera is with AH and Simone in Albuquerque. Where I am not. That's right, I'm alone. Footloose and fancy free. It's Friday night. And I'm knitting, watching Supernanny (secret love, although why is every house that SN visits seems to be eerily off in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors and the same decorator who likes taupe walls and black leather couches?) and contemplating a bowl of popcorn and gingerale. Party! Actually, it's just the way I want it.

I really had to force myself to make plans this weekend - beers and thrift stores with friend mostly and it's been great heading out after work these last few nights. But secretly, there is nothing - NOTHING - like the feeling I had last night with the freshly made bed all to myself and the sweet, sure comfort of knowing that I could get up whenever I wanted to get up. Which was 8 am, and then I went back to bed and read some more. And worked out. I will tell you right now that working out and infrequent meals are totally easier on the Single Lady Plan. 

I've also been driving a lot which sounds bad - but I never do the driving. I take the bus to school and work so it was sneakily luxurious in this cold snap to do the activity I fear most - driving. I actually drove them to the airport, which I have never done for anyone. I felt like a real grown-up. Little things I cede to AH all the time - driving, getting gas, dealing with our landlady, errands at night - doing them it made me feel a little more competent. I sobbed all the way out of the airport, which I didn't expect, though I knew I'd miss her. And I do, terribly. But I am SO enjoying these moments of quiet and selfishness before my last semester starts next week and the whole machine starts up again. 

God, I hope there's some good True Crime sensationalized story on TV next. 

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Marigoldie said...

If only a mini film fest were happening this weekend in your town. At a theater that sells beer at the concession stand.