20 December 2009

Day 19 and 20

Day 19
"Surprise Day"
I threw this one in the mix because I was worried that being told what to do every day would get old. I was wrong - instead I kind of fretted all day about creating the Surprise. Such as Surprise! - I made gingerbread pancakes in the shape of snowmen for breakfast- but managed to bicker with my husband throughout said activity, about his ongoing and infuriating inability to guess what needs doing by simply looking around him and assessing the situation. Such as: daughter falls of chair, cries hysterically, will only go to wife, wife is currently flipping said Snowmen Gingerbread Pancakes which is impossible to do with weeping toddler in arms- What Would You Do? Continue unloading the dishwasher? I thought not. Point for me. The day just went downhill from there with much cleaning of the house, much wrangling of a child who was going off her rocker and not having the energy to make planned dinner, and thus dining on popcorn. Well, they can't all be Red Letter Days I guess.

Day 20
"Buy this year's ornament"
I don't need more ornaments - my brother and my Mom have kept me steadily supplied with Lauscha glass ornaments (beautiful German numbers) and thrift stores always charge bottom dollar for old glass ornaments which I never understand.

But each year of our marriage, we have bought an ornament from a place we had visited or an experience or just because we like it..
Witness Christmas 2007's ornament, when we were still convinced the baby we'd be having in 19 days was a boy. Whoops.

I hope Simone will be excited to put these ornaments up in future years and ask for the stories. But the story behind this years ornament?

Simone, your parents just really, really like beer.

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