21 December 2009

Advent Day 21

"Address and send all Christmas Cards"

I included this in the advent, thinking if it was drawn earlier in the month it would be a real kick in the pants to get the cards done. Every year I make some terrible card (I don't know why I don't buy them friends, I really can't say, except for the principles of re-using and creativity I guess) and send them out late - but I am happy to report that all the glitter-fied cards are in the mail, if not at their destination. So today was a Pass, I Did It Already, Thanks Advent.

Except I had one last package to send to a friend in Vancouver - took it down to the post office and for one of those small Amazon boxes which had two childrens clothing items, a book and a small jar of jam in it - $26 was the cheapest Slow Boat to China rate I could get out of UPS. Like, 3 times the price of any item in the package. Is it just me or do package rates seem a billion dollars higher than they used to be?All told, it was almost $200 to send packages of homemade goodies to friends and family this year - dang, no wonder people send gift cards, which is just depressing.

Speaking of depressing, perhaps it is the shortest day of the year or the womanly hormones talking, but I've been less than jolly this week as the 3rd consecutive Christmas without family or friends looms. We had plans for a cabin and that was pulling me through - a mountain-top cabin owned by an acquaintance, lots of snowy walks and a fireplace - but it looks like it won't happen. The big old snowstorm really hammered Western North Carolina and they lost power and the roads are still all snowed in. This is somewhat crushing, as we have 5 days off together and doing the same old routine in the same old place ALONE - well. I'm trying to pull myself out of the doldrums.

Do you see that stamp up there? Canada Post put it out, it's a reproduction of a Mary Pratt painting that I covet so completely it's hardly bearable. The light! The canning jars! I'm having a minor obsession at the moment.


librarianista said...

We got your Christmas card yesterday and LOVED it. You can't buy a card that awesome, and the baby propaganda hit home--that is one cute kid you have there. I consider that we completely flaked this year by just doing the photo card and not even writing anything on it, but sometimes the best you can do is the best you can do.

I'm sorry about the cabin. That really sucks.

Maija said...

oh my! how is that a painting?? so amazing. consider me obsessed now, too.

arajane said...

Ok, perfect timing for this post, because I just got your package in the mail. You are seriously the best. Will you be freaked out if I tell you that I cried a few tiny tears of joy upon opening the package and reading your note? I am so very excited about the book and I adore your homemade card (not to mention the super adorable photo of Simone). So thank you thank you thank you! I love getting little surprises in the mail and this one absolutely made my day.