29 December 2009

Advent Day 24 - and Christmas

It was rather sweet that the last Advent was "Drive Around and find the best Christmas Lights in Town", it capped the whole Advent experience off perfectly.

Christmas Eve was blue skies, brisk wind, long walk, a clean house, making cheese and green chile enchiladas, lighting luminarias, leaving out cookies for Santa, Scrabble and filling my daughters stocking for the first time.

Christmas it rained and rained and poured, like I'd never seen it before. For the first time ever, we didn't get out of our pyjamas all day long. We drank coffee and ate cheese and watched Return of the King (the Extended version) which was just perfect and played more Scrabble and I got just what I wanted for Christmas (a full pass to the documentary film festival and a 6-pack of Blenheim ginger ale) and did crosswords and I truly didn't mind that we had missed out on the cabin or anything. I didn't feel bone-deep lonely as I feared - I had my family. We are a family.

We did drive out to Asheville the next day and I loved having a horizon for once and some snow and mountains and a cute little downtown. The best moment was breakfast at the Early Girl Eatery and admiring the art on the walls - and when AH paid the bill, he secretly bought one of the paintings for me. We agonize over every purchase so this spontaneity shocked and pleased me so much. I love it! But I was disappointed that you can't walk around Black Mountain College as it is now a Christian Boy's Camp. Drag.

The after-effects of Christmas include a bajillion cookies in my house, general contentment and a toddler who repeatedly picks up the phone, says "Hello? Santa?" and then drops it, shrieking in terror. Thanks for hanging with me as I recounted every last detail of my advent.

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