06 March 2009


I won't give one of those "Hey I've been really busy" excuses (ahem, I apparently just did) but for the past few months I've been wondering if the Make/Do-er in me was ever going to come out from under a pile of academic journals and Library related nonsense and Baby Stuff. Every craft I worked on was like a deadline for a paper, pressing and not so fun. But lately I've been thinking longingly of my paints. And paper. And yarn. And I got handed a stash of 16mm film stock yesterday for free that I am making plans for. I think I'm back. Or, more accurately, it comes in waves.

This morning I wept a little happy tear when I watched this video so I wanted to share it. I'm not usually in favour of songs with "on the nose" lyrics but the combination of the questions I've always pondered with the awesome stop-motion hand-drawn animation...made me want to ditch work and go Play! Which I just might.

(The music is by Tanya Davis and the animation, I'm excited to find out, is by Andrea Dorfman, who did a really sweet film called Parsley Days that I loved.)

(PPS - this post is dedicated to Ara Jane, because she asked.)


Maven said...

I found myself wanting to give this post the facebook thumb-up thingie. I think this video would have reminded me of you even if you hadn't been the one to post it.

Make!Do! said...

Maven, that is the nicest compliment ever.

Marigoldie said...

I can't believe that the one day I DON'T stalk this blog you actually put up a new and awesome post! I believe that's the watched-pot theory. Fortunately, Maven linked to it in her reader. What an incredible video! A thousand thanks for sharing it, and I can't wait to hear what you do with that film.

arajane said...

Yay! This sweet little video is exactly what I needed! I am so happy you have posted again, and happy that, perhaps, my words of encouragement helped!

kickpleat said...

Hooray, I'm so glad I checked back here and found that you've started up again! And this video is sweet and lovely and inspiring and I'm glad to have Andrea Dorfman in my head again.