31 October 2008


Delighted child in skeleton onesie

Blatantly ripping off "Yes, We Carve", we made one normal pumpkin and one Pumpkin for Hope. Even freehand, I rather liked how it turned out. This year's pumpkins were easy carving and the seeds have been duly roasted and salted and devoured. Unfortunately, we only got one trick-or-treater this year - one!- so the candy is next in line to be devoured.

I made this pumpkin hat for Simone because I knew she would shuck her chile pepper costume in about 2 seconds, and I wanted some vestige of Halloween for her. I use this hat pattern over and over for all the babies who have come into my life because 1) I hate circular needles and this doesn't need circular needles and 2) it's so damn easy and 3) it's cute.
Here's how easy it is:

Cast 72 stitches on to size 5 needles.
Knit in ss (knit one row, purl the next) until your piece measures 4-5"from the bottom.
Start the decreases: k4, k 2 together - repeat to end of row
knit the next 3 rows even
k 3, k 2 together - repeat to end of row
knit the next 3 rows even
knit 2, k 2 together - repeat to end of row
knit 2 together all across the next two rows
Cut 18" tail and sew through

For a pumpkin, use orange, obv, and do the final 8 rows in green. Then I knit a thick, green i-cord and sewed it in too. Voila! Next I'm trying red and green for an apple.

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librarianista said...

Simone is so damn cute. And that skeleton onesie is the greatest.

I hated pretty much every second of library school. You're keeping your sanity WAY better than I did, and no one ever bragged to me about their knowledge of Fbook.