31 December 2010

One of the Best

I'm not a year end in review type - though I do love reading others - but today was such a perfect capper to this year that I had to share via a variety of social media. We all had the day off. My two weeks of vacation are almost up. It was sunny and so clear and cold. We drove up to Anacortes where we haven't been since 6.5 years when we were married there, on a similarly sunny and clear day, though of course much warmer. Department of Safety closed in 2010 (RIP) and through their windows there was no trace of the burgandy velvet curtains, hanging Polaroid cameras or wall of 7"'s that surrounded us on that day. No matter, we showed our (indifferent) kid and headed to the tip, Washington Park, which features one of the most stunning hikes and views and bluffs and tide pools and stone beaches and pines and moss and our kid was so happy and we were too:
We went to lunch at Adrift who catered our wedding, in a fashion (we gave them $300 and asked for as many snacks as possible) and the waitress was warm and hugged our kid more than once, the tabletops are copper, books line the shelves and the food was fantastic and we ate long, lazy and indulgently (dessert! coffee!). At home now, cozy with husband on the search for the ideal chow mein and the best beer, I know I am LUCKY. (For sense of luck, please see 127 Hours with James Franco which I enjoyed immeasurably and intensely). 2010 involved finishing school, trips with family, the best internship a girl could ever have, a summer in DC, moving back to Seattle and starting a whole new life. I hope this year is calmer but considerably MORE. Enriched, enriching, less skin of the teeth and more purposeful and planned and creative and involved. Cheers to the journey!


Maven said...

That sounds stupendous and look! it's you in the picture! Cheers to you and your family.

Make!Do! said...

Ha ha, it's TRUE I felt so vulnerable putting this picture up but took a big breath, ignored how much I need a haircut and just posted it. Beer-fueled bravery I guess.

Marigoldie said...

I never tire of hearing you describe your days out. Fabulous. Happy new year.