06 December 2009

Advent Day 6

"Make Gingerbread Men"

There are pictures of this glorious event (hold your breath!) but somewhat ironically I am too busy cobbling together a research proposal about digital literacy that is due tomorrow to practice my own digital literacy.

When I pulled this one out of the Advent Sack, I thought we would go out and buy a "man" cutter. But then I rummaged through my larger than I thought collection of cookie cutters and came up with a Christmas Tree, Santa, Star, circles, lion, giraffe and elephant. The Gingerbread Elephant is arisen in my house. I have to work on my rigid little boundaries because Simone kept trying to press her little fingers in the dough and instead of, you know, making it a fun, relaxed family activity, I scolded her and told her how to do it "right" using the cutters only. Nice one, Mom. Reminder: not every Gingerbread Giraffe needs a tail.

I used a recipe from my Mom's cookbook which she in turn noted she clipped from a 1971 Woman's World. It holds up. Just wait and see...

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