02 December 2009

Advent Day 2

After the good intentions and shattered hopes (well, not really - I have no hopes when it comes to taking my kid out post-bedtime to a place where she must behave) of last night's choir outing, today's Advent surprise was Nice n' Easy:

"Drink some eggnog, the kind in a glass bottle, with some cookies". 

The eggnog was delicious (I know some are haters but this is the Good Stuff), and the cookies were TJ's Peppermint Jo-Jo's.  Yum.


Maven said...

I am totally looking forward to reading about these, so please keep posting every day!

librarianista said...

Genius! So excited for your atheist Advent posts.

Make!Do! said...

Thanks dudes, I will I swear, as you two are my version of the Ideal Readers.