10 December 2009

Advent Catch-Up (Day 8,9,10)

AKA pulling it out of my ass.
I'm pretty proud of the fact that despite my final papers and huge old statistics exam, we kinda sorta kept up with the Advent activities. Kinda.

Day 8: "Make a batch of Ginger Krinkles". It may sound like I'm obsessed with ginger, but it's just luck of the Advent draw. There is an equally big part of my heart dedicated to chocolate. I handed this one over to Sergio, as I had to finish my g-dawed paper. I thought all was well. There are maybe 8 ingredients total and some very minimal instruction. Nonetheless, there is a pile of flat, crumbled, utterly useless cookies in my kitchen right now. I couldn't even take pictures of them to mock, it just seemed a little mean. A teeny tiny voice in my head was shrilling "Do I have to do EVERYTHING myself?" but I got over it.

Day 9: "Find and do a Christmas tradition from another country".
I had 4 hours sleep, an 11 hour work and school day, a crazy windstorm, a slightly-warm toddler, and a husband departing for band practice in less than an hour. Emergency world Christmas situation! I remembered something about pudding and a nut and voila - Thank you Denmark for your easy-to-rip-off Christmas tradition. They make rice pudding and put an almond in one of the ramekins. Whoever finds the almond gets a prize, often a marzipan pig.
My harried working Mom version: uh, I used TJ's Instant Choc. Pudding which I bought because I love the box), buried a walnut in one of the bowls (no almonds in the pantry), shuffled them like a 3 card Monte and handed them out after dinner. Sergio found the walnut, I handed him a Kinder Happy Hippo and bam - kinda done.

Day 10: "Surprise your co-workers with baking".
Um, see Day 8 and the resulting cookie debacle. Thus tonight I made Hello Dolly bars and plan to distribute them tomorrow. Which is not exactly cheating.

In other news, I have no more homework for 3 weeks. It's truly the most wonderful time of the year.

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