16 July 2008

Summer Mix-Up

I've always sworn I won't be one of those bloggers who start their post with "sorry I haven't posted in awhile but life is crazy man" - but it's summer, I've been on vacation in Canada and I just started my internship for the year. So, sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've got lots of ideas and projects percolating so things are sure to be cooking soon.

In the meantime, though I love a good analog mixed tape, I'm convinced Mixwit is pretty much the perfect digital version. Remember handwriting those labels, laboriously collaging a cover, choosing songs that would fit perfectly in a 45 minute side? I do. I still hoard a few special mixes made for me over the years. This isn't quite the same - you can't give it to someone for instance, just share it- but I find the site rather elegant and easy to use. And I love the old school cassette tape skins you can choose from, which you can tweak any old way you want. Also a bonus, sign-up is not required to browse mixes and if you do sign-up, it's quick and easy and doesn't want to know a whole bunch of personal information. I use this site for a quick music fix when working on the computer - I just search for a band/singer I like and it retrieves a whole slew of mixes people have shared that include that band. A nice way to discover new music.

Just to give you an idea how it works, I made this wee summery mix in about five minutes. Obviously you can spend hours working on the perfect mix, skin etc. but I'm not that web 2.0. I mean, I remember real mixed tapes, right?


I'd love to have you share any mixes you've made with me.

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