12 May 2008

Make Done

To break from the home and garden theme (seedling update: basil, cilantro and dill are sprouted and accounted for - chives, sage and cayenne peppers are still MIA) I had planned a post about my laptop. By laptop standards it is ancient - ten years old. It is so goddmned heavy my schoolbag wore a groove into my shoulder. The whole right side of the screen fuzzed out into something resembling a UPC barcode, annoying but not impossible to see around. If you look closely you can see the Print Screen button is cracked in half and the colon button is askew. It would run for 1.8 seconds without being plugged in and sounded like a jet airplane taking off when the fan kicked in. I was kinda embarrassed to plug it in in public. But also, conversely, I was strangely proud of making it through my first year of Grad School with this ancient relic. I always swore I would run it into the ground. And then, as I prepared to post this ode to the Heaviest Laptop in the World, the ground hit. RIP old friend.

Since this is a blog about Making Do, I will spare you the details about buying a new laptop. There are just some things you can't make from felt and pipe cleaners.

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