21 April 2008

Join the Make Do Revolution

Make Do is:

A Movement.
A Manifesto.
A Way of Life.
A Revolution.

Get by with what you have.
Resist the urge to upgrade.
A "Depression" mentality that isn't depressing.
But also -

Limit options and expand your creativity.

I scribbled these words down on the back of a mail-in rebate card while sitting in a library some months ago and have kept them close ever since, knowing they somehow encapsulate some very specific truths and important values that I have. My greatest feelings of accomplishment and bursts of creativity stem from the times when I had to make it work, found a new use for an old object or create a delicious dinner from the tired leftovers in the fridge. My husband jokingly accuses me of growing up in the Depression (I also have a serious saving issue that unfortunately doesn't extend to money) but I take a small pride in my '30's ways. Not to say that I throw out less than one cubic inch of garbage a week or have completely stopped shopping at Target, much as I try. Or don't covet new shoes. Or say screw it when I look in my seemingly empty fridge and eat at the Cookout for dinner. You will not , I hope, find a sanctimonious attitude here. But maybe a few ideas from myself and hopefully some like-minded friends.

Enough blather. A blank canvas frightens me. Repurposing invigorates me. It's a win-win-win equation: creativity + thriftiness + environmental responsibility = Make!Do!
Won't you join me?


Maven said...

OHHH Hooray hooray hooray. I'm so glad you're doing this.

Smyth said...

yes'm! i will join you!

sk8ordiehard said...

though I'm a complete stranger, I'm in on the revolution! Make! Do!

Miss Bee said...

OOo! I am so glad that I came across your blog today. I can't wait to hear what comes up! I'm on board! It's bee my mention for some time now to save the world, so this goes right in there for me. Thanks for posting!

librarianista said...

Okay, I am bummed that I didn't know about this blog before but so excited I know about it now.

You know, I've been thinking lately about how the happiest years of my grandmother's life were during the Depression. Of course, she was in her 20's, but I think it mostly that she and her smart, interesting friends didn't have any money, so they played a lot of word games and had a fine old time of it.